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In IOT Cafe, we have established a reputation as the partner of choice for printed circuit board design, pcb manufacturing & embedded software development. Every embedded software engineer & iot developer inside is not just from a premium school but also selected based on his keen interest in the areas of internet of things, pcb design & embedded programming.

More than we boasting about our Hardware Designers, we would highly recommend you to give a piece of work and see the result for yourself. We do design for some of the most reputed Hardware companies & IOT companies in the world. Here is a clue,

Which consumer electronics company has the best designed products?

Well, we know what hit your mind first. Believe it or not, we do a lot of work behind the scenes for them...just that we cant tell out the name :)

Download some of our Designs & see for yourself!

We have every equipment & process ready to take your product from the idea stage to Hardware Design > PCB Design & Manufacturing > Embedded software development > Rapid prototyping > Injection mouding of the hardware parts > Mass Manufacturing > Assembling > Packaging & delivery.

We put your work on priority & get things done in time. Yes, we also do Mobile app development to connect your device to the cloud and deliver it fully working.

When it comes to pcb manufacturing, printed circuit board design, embedded software development etc. there are companies out there that can charge you a limb or a leg!

We are startup friendly. No-one is too big or too small for us. We will for sure have the perfect price-point that won't break the bank!

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Our Product Development Life Cycle

Electronics Design
Hardware 3D Design
Rapid Prototyping
Hardware molding
Packaging & Delivering

Detailed research is done to find the solution to your requirements through our research & development division and research partner institutions. A chipset architecture, hardware form factor and production schedule is arrived upon at this phase. Once we find the feasibility and a way to create what your solution, we layout detailed plans for design & prototyping and go on to the next stage.

The first stage of development takes us to, coming up with the pcb board design, which gives life to the solution. In this phase we create the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as architected in the research phase using a CPU that is befitting to the processing requirements and power intake of our project. We also create and embed the firmware and drivers for the various sensors and controllers on the board ( Embedded software development ). All of the embedded programming is done at this stage with future plugin architecture, so as to allow flexibility later on. Every embedded developer in company is highly experienced & extremly motivated.

Once the pcb board design and embedded programming is finished, the enclosure that will hold the internals needs to be designed. Software like Pro Engineer and Autodesk 3D Studio Max is used to design the hardware case with balance being struck between appealing design and outstanding functionality in the deployment environment. In some cases, the device would be exposed to the elements, prompting us to conduct wind tunnel and similar simulation in the software level so that when we move to the actual production, we spend as little time and resources to make the hardware deployment ready.

The various techniques that helps one to create a scale or actual model of the data from a computer aided design output. As this process is quick to let us visualize in the real world, our designs so far, it gives us the opportunity to place test the fit of the hardware in the deployment location. This is a flexibly iterative process that lets you correct design and functional aspects by creating newer versions until you get the right real world design.
The only drawback to this way of producing hardware is that it is not scalable and that is why we bring in the hardware molding phase.

The process which allows us to cast a mold to produce our hardware in mass production scale is called as hardware molding. There are three main types of molding that we follow. The Computerized Numerical Control Machine molding is a precision technique of production but not scalable as it has to go one by one. In Vacuum casting, pressure difference is used to create the objects as per the mold. Our personal favorite (if time permits) is the injection casting which is the most efficient in producing devices in mass scale. It is what we have used for some of our multi-million dollar clients.

Once the PCB and the hardware enclosure is created and at hand, it is supposed to go into an assembly mode where the Printed Circuit Board is snugly fit into the enclosure and it is either snapped into place using vacuum seal or screwed to fit. The screw type way to do it is easier on the casting part, as vacuum type needs sophisticated precision in the snapping parts. The assembly line at ProvenLogic is manual until an order number of items to be assembled exceeds our limit, beyond which we shall automate the process by building a robotic assembly line infrastructure, unique for your order.

The thought process and care that has gone into research and development of a product will not be evident off the bat, unless there is amazing care shown to blow people away even in packaging. The best example of this are the products that Apple ships, even it’s unboxing has become a spectator event on YouTube. Here at ProvenLogic, we believe every aspect of our process and product demand perfection and we see to it that we have the best in class artwork and fit like a glove packaging to maximize our most valuable thing – our customer’s experience.

We're experts in Software as well!

As mentioned we do end-to-end IOT services. We believe that real good software is needed to power any IOT product. From mobile app experts to cloud guru's, we have a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. Following are the areas we excel in:

  • IOS Apps / SWIFT
  • Express JS, Angular JS
  • Meteor JS
  • All IOT platforms.
  • Android Apps
  • Node JS
  • Ruby On Rails, PHP
  • MongoDB, Cloudant, No SQL, MySQL

Our Partners

Jasper is one of the leading IOT platform & we have Developers who have great experience in Jasper Development. Our engineers have deployed many voice controlled applications using Jasper. When it comes to Jasper development, you can easily find many recommend Proven Logic :)

Each IBM Bluemix Developer is given extensive training on using this world class platform for creating brilliant products. We are one of the very early adopters to embrace the IBM BlueMix platform for developing end-to-end IOT solutions. When it comes to IBM BlueMix development, it surely needs to be Proven Logic :)

Many say the future of IOT is Google Brillo & yes we believe in it as well. The reason we have deployed a dedicated R&D section for Google Brillo with a team of highly motivated Google Brillo developers. Each Google Brillo developer in this division is hand picked & has great prior experience in Android development. Several Google Brillo development work has already developed & some of the most interesting solution that are to launched in the up-coming months are being done here.

We can proudly say that one of the biggest Exosite development in IOT is happening inside Proven Logic. Exocite is known for the ease the platform provides to integrate and onboard any innovative IOT solution. Every Exocite developer in Proven Logic has successfully completed atleast 6 projects - that much of expertise we have in Exosite development.

We have been seeing a steady increase in demand among Entreprenuers & corporates to start using the Intel IOT platform for IOT solutions. This made us to venture deep into the Intel IOT development & thus successfully deploy one major solution powered by Intel IOT platform in just a quick time frame of 45 days. With this hands on experience we have onboarded a team of 20 Intel IOT developers to handle any project that has Intel IOT development involved.



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